Weekly menu and weekend of food

This was a weekend of good food and celebrations.

Friday me and the kids went to a carnival with a friend and her daughter. To fill up our bellies on non carnival food we went to an Asian restaurant and had a quick dinner. I had pad Thai with chicken which is always tasty. When at the Carnival the kids focused on rides. They kept begging for Cotton candy and eventually I gave in and bought them some of it. I have never liked it my self but remember my sister doing so and she always thought it was fun to get it. Not really dietitian approved but sometimes there are room for Cotton Candy in your life too!

Happy kids!

Happy kids!

Saturday night me and my husband went out to celebrate my birthday at Stone House at Stirling Ridge restaurant and it was great. They have a very big patio with a bar, live music and a fire pit where you can roast marshmallows if you are up for it. Very nice atmosphere, delicious food and the best company ever. I started with some soft shell maki rolls and they were very tasty. It is sort of fun to eat a soft shell crab if you think about it eating all the shell and everything... For main course I had rainbow Trout, rainbow chard and couscous with raisins, almonds and citrus. Very light and refreshing main course. The dessert was a bit crazy and ok but not great. It was orange-fennel and lard pound cake with bacon ice cream and a citrus glaze. Fun to try bacon ice cream! As a little bonus every guest got a small goodie bag to bring home with a few cookies in it. A nice gesture!



Chef Gustav in action

Chef Gustav in action

The food weekend continued on Sunday when it was my actual birthday and my son who is almost eight made me breakfast all by him self. He made scrambled eggs on a toast. I usually don´t like eggs for breakfast but when my son did it my motherly heart melted and so did the eggs in my mouth.




Sunday afternoon we finished off with a birthday party for a friend of ours son. We all went and had a nice afternoon with swimming and chatting with friends. The hosts offered some nice appetizers like guacamole, bacon and cheese dip, fresh fruit, salsa and hot sausages. 


Monday Zoodles with vegetables (I skip the chicken in the recipe) and peanut butter

Tuesday Chopped salad with carrots, avocado, tomato, cucumber, pepper, red onion, celery.

Wednesday Sauteed kohlrabi with kale and pistachios, chicken sausages

Thursday Kids are cooking pierogies with ground beef, green salad

Friday Hot smoked salmon, boiled new potatoes, sour cream, chive, sugar snaps

Saturday At the in laws

Sunday Pasta with sauteed vegetables that is left in the fridge like zucchini, corn, scallions, garlic