Menu and Midsummer

This past Friday June 24 was one of the biggest holiday of the year in Sweden, It was Midsummer. It is one of my favorite holiday. You celebrate that the Summer is here and there are a lot of traditions surrounding it. Here is a video that describes it in a very entertaining way.

Of course food is a big thing and the traditional food is Matjes herring, sour cream, chives and new fresh potatoes as a main course and fresh strawberries for dessert. 

There are a lot of festivities here in the Tri-state area that you can be part of but this year it didn´t fit in our schedule and since living in the US you don´t feel so much that you are missing out on something.

Instead we went to some friends house for a barbecue and we got grilled clams which I never have tried before, It was very good.

Now when Summer is here and we will be traveling I will take a brake from posting weekly menus but will keep you posted on my facebook page so like me there ;-)


Monday Spaghetti with Tomato and walnut pesto

Tuesday Zucchini noodle Mei Fun with chicken

Wednesday poached cod in parchment paper with asparagus and boiled potatoes,

Thursday grilled pork chop with broccoli salad 

Friday warm smoked salmon (store bought) with beet salad , boiled potatoes and a dill sour cream sauce