Weekly menu and the quickest ice pop ever

The Summer holidays are coming closer and this is the last full school week for my children. I am looking forward to some non scheduled days as much as my children are. Just take the days as they come...

We all know that cold watermelon is delicious on a hot day but have you ever tried frozen watermelon ice pops? The worlds easiest ice pops all you need is slices of watermelon and some sticks. No need to have molds, puree fruit or mix anything. Easy, healthy and very refreshing on a hot Summer day.

Of course I went to the farmers market and bought some goodies. Some fresh sugar snap peas are a good snack and can be eaten raw. The kids likes to open them up and take out the peas. DIp them in hummus or just eat and listen to the sweet crunch!

Weekly menu

Ever eat breakfast for dinner? I told my kids we will have that this week and they thought that would be fun. Actually cooking hot breakfast is something I don´t like to do. I can cook any other time of the day but starting to cook eggs and bacon in the morning is not my cup of tea. Also I really prefer to eat that kind of food for lunch or dinner. When it comes to breakfast I just want my regular yogurt, cereal and a big cup of dark brewed tea with lots of milk in it. This week I am not cooking for 3 dinners which almost never happens but I let you know next week if it was worth it ;-)

Monday Late night practice so I grabbed some Ravioli in the store that will be ready in a flash

Tuesday Breakfast for dinner. Scrambled eggs with potatoes and bacon

Wednesday Ground turkey curry with brown rice and steamed sugar snaps

Thursday Home made cod fish sticks with boiled potatoes, broccoli, yogurt sauce with chives

Friday Dining out with a friend and our children before going to a carnival.

Saturday Date night with husband

Sunday Its my birthday so I am not planning to cook dinner.