My week in food and bring our kids into the kitchen

Happy Monday everyone! Did you also get some spring feelings over the weekend? Saturday was lovely. My daughter brought out her scooter and we spend the afternoon at the playground.

I am a big believer in that getting our children into the kitchen as early as they can and teach them all about cooking and food. How will they otherwise know where food is from and how it is prepared. When they one day move away from home this is skills that are priceless to have. They don´t get many of this skills at school so it is up to the parents to teach this to their children. My children loves coming with me to the farmers market in the summer. They also loves Costco but that is partly because of all the samples they give out there.

There are many things they can help with. My children likes to cut up vegetables, grate cheese,  crack eggs, measure, stir, rinse vegetables, peel carrots, opening a can etc. Yesterday my daughter helped me with rolling meatballs, cut up potatoes and cut off ends of beans. The other day both were in the kitchen and they made pancake batter and baked their own pancakes on the stove and they were SO proud of them selves. My children uses normal knives but I found these nylon knives that I thought was great for kids. Of course it takes a lot more time and patience from the parent but when we have time I love to have them with me in the kitchen.

Weekly menu

Monday Spaghetti squash with mushrooms and lentils

Tuesday Kale and spinach gratin with chicken sausages

Wednesday Penne a´la Arrabbiata

Thursday Broccoli soup

Friday Citrus salmon, snow peas, brown rice

Saturday Dinner party and Im not cooking

Sunday Chicken curry, Basmati rice,  steamed broccoli rabé

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