My week in food

This past weekend we went to Washington DC to see the sights. Both me and my husband have been years ago but our children have never been. It was time to show them our Capitol. Although with freezing temperatures we had a great time. We went to a few museums and of course the Mall with Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument and a quick stop by the White house. It was fun and very child friendly every where. We will probably go back soon when the temperatures goes up.



The museum of American History had an exhibit on food history which I thought was fun. It showed how much the industry has changed since the 1950 until now with new technologies, innovations and cultural influences.

We had some good meals and some that I could have been without. Unfortunately a visit to the golden Arch which is always disappointing but the kids love it for some reason. I am sure it is the gift they get. We are joking (but in my view it´s not a joke) and telling them that it is actually a very sad meal that they want. One night we went to a Mexican restaurant which was delicious. A great guacamole as a starter and then some long braised pork shoulder with vegetables. Last night I had a Jambalaya which I don´t think that I have ever had. It was good and spicy. Would love to try it down in the south one day.

Weekly menu

Just realized we are eating potatoes 3 days in a row but I am Swedish after all.... When I am in Sweden visiting my parents we always eat potatoes 6 out of 7 days. According my dad is no meal complete without potatoes. When we lived in New York I used to order food from Fresh direct (worked perfectly) and I was ordering potatoes you bought them in singles items. I always thought that was so odd. They come in various sizes and weight. (Fingerling vs baked)I never understood why they weren´t sold in weight as most other vegetables.

The tuna dish on Tuesday is actually a dish I used to get when I was in school and I think it is really yummy and the kids love it. Who thought you would bring a recipe from the school cafeteria after all the bad press the school food gets.

Monday Thai curry with vegetables, Basmati rice

Tuesday Butternut squash filled mac & cheese

Wednesday Tuna casserole, green peas

Thursday Carrot and orange soup

Friday Home made chicken nuggets with hemp hearts, roasted potatoes, Red cabbage slaw

Saturday Baked trout, steamed spinach, lemon, boiled potatoes

Sunday Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, steamed cauliflower, Lingon berries


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