Weekly menu and Korean food

I had a great food experience on Saturday. We were at some friends house and we had a Korean dinner. I think it was the first time I tried authentic Korean food and I loved it. We had Bulgogi a sweet and garlicky beef dish served with Kimchi (fermented cabbage), marinated mung bean sprouts, marinated sweet mini cucumbers and marinated Mu (Korean radish). We ate it like tacos but instead of the shell we had crisp Romaine salad leaves to fill. I have heard a lot about Kimchi and it was fun to try it. In Europe we have Sauerkraut which is similar but much less spicy.  Fermented food have claimed a lot of health benefits but most have never been verified in any scientific studies. It does contains tons of good bacteria (probiotics) which improves both your digestion and immune system. Other popular fermented foods are Kombucha, Kefir, Mead and Miso but also products we consume daily are fermented like cheese, vinegar and yogurt.

I had a big container of Cottage cheese in the fridge that I never used but yesterday I tried a new recipe and made pancakes with if for lunch and they were so good. My children would never eat it plain but in the pancakes they were munching away. Much more filling than regular pancakes and super easy to make. The recipe is here.

Weekly menu
Monday Omelet with sauteed broccoli rabé and red onion, Parmesan cheese and avocado.  

Tuesday Pasta with smoked salmon, sugar snaps and dill. The recipe yields for asparagus but I use sugar snaps also it uses heavy cream but I will substitute with half half.

Wednesday Sriracha teriyaki turkey meatballs, brown rice, steamed bok choy

Thursday Red lentil and carrot soup

Friday Dinner date with my daughter

SaturdayAlmond crusted cod, steamed spinach, riced potatoes

Sunday Swedish style potato pancakes (Raggmunk)



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