Cooking with kids and menu

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

Yesterday was my daughters name day and my children usually gets a small gift for this day. For you who are not familiar with name day it is very Swedish. Every day of the year has a namefor example November 27 is Astrid, August 2 is Karin and people recognize it but it is not a big deal. I like to celebrate it and make it a little special for the kids since that is how was brought up. 

My daughter loves cooking almost as much as I do so I gave her a cook book for kids by Deanna F. Cook it has a mix of easy recipes with colorful step by step pictures. For breakfast this morning my children made egg and ham sandwich and a yogurt parfait from the book. They also picked fish tacos for dinner one night and egg rolls with tofu for lunch. We´ll see how they like that. They have never had Tofu before since that is one of the few things I son´t particular like to cook with.

Astrid´s breakfast parfait

Astrid´s breakfast parfait


Monday Mushroom fried rice

Tuesday Fantastic Fish tacos 

Wednesday Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, carrots

Thursday Pasta pesto with baked salmon

Friday Crispy beef, rice steamed bok choy


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