Menu and Thanksgiving

Where did this year go????? Thanksgiving already? It is fine with me, I love this time of the year, food has a central roll from now until January 1 when every other wants to go on a diet. We will as usual spend this weekend in Bucks County in PA. Hoping for some nice weather do we can spend some time biking along the Delaware and other outdoor activities. My mother in law does the Turkey and some side dishes. This year I will bring a nice fresh salad with Brussels sprouts, beets, radiccio, pear and orange. A caramelized apple crumble pie with oats. If I find fresh figs which is hard to find I plan on bringing this appetizer Figs with bacon and chili.

Last week I had my first cooking class with Peasful Kitchen and it was a lot of fun. Three friends had signed up and we were cooking away for 2 hours and then the participants walked home with about 15 samples each. It was Thanksgiving Empanadas, hidden veggie meatballs, vegetable Pad Thai and pumpin granola bars.






Monday Clean-the-fridge omelette with roasted Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and zucchini. Avcado and spring onions

Tuesday Canadian bacon stir fried with yellow pepper and zucchini, brown rice

Wednesday Cod with fennel with spinach couscous

Thursday Turkey of course I don´t cook it but here are some good recipes

Friday Left overs for ideas

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Karin von ZelowitzComment