Weekly menu of November 16.

I have been busy the last week with my parents visiting from Sweden. We have done some tours around New Jersey but mainly just spent quality time together. Always when they come I ask them to bring a few food items from Sweden. Since we are not going there for Christmas some necessities had to be brought like, almond paste to make holiday figures out of, light syrup for the Christmas candy, rice to make Christmas porridge, mulled wine for those cold December days and strong sharp cheese that will last us until next year. More about Christmas when we get there.

Swedish food and goodies

Swedish food and goodies

Weekly menu, November 16

My children have late activities on Thursdays and they want dinner asap when we get home. There fore we always eat soups on Thursdays, it is quick and it can be prepared ahead of time and just be heated up. Usually it is a blended vegetable soup so it´s a great way of getting them to eat vegetables. This way we get at least 2 vegetarian dishes per week, good for us and good for the planet.

Monday Vegetarian fried rice

Tuesday Baked cauliflower gratin with Applegates beef hot dogs.

Wednesday Oven baked thick Swedish pancake with bacon bits served with Lingon berries

Thursday Vegetable noodle soup, home made rye bread

Friday Warm goat cheese with honey on a salad, Moules Marinieres

Saturday Dinner party. Lamb Korma with rice, green beans and roasted butter nut squash, mango chutney. Home made blackberry parfait with fresh figs.

Sunday Left overs



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