Saturday candy and weekly menu

I hope everyone had a great Halloween and ate lots of candy. We sure did but now it is back to normal. Our kids go crazy with the candy for that day but then we put it in out candy cupboard and they slowly forget about it and some how the candy mountain disappear any way. It is a mystery in our house....

In Sweden most kids go by the house rule of "Saturday candy" or "lördagsgodis" in Swedish. I grew up with it and so did most of my friends. It is a great way of limiting the candy that is eaten. Our children are aloud to eat candy one day a week and they pic out a few things and then its end of discussion. If they get candy other days which is offered at numerous places (which I thinks is totally unnecessary) were they might be like, the bank, dry cleaner and as a treat at my daughters tennis club, they save it in their candy jar until Saturday.

Interesting to know that the reason for this Saturday candy actually comes from a (very unethical) research project called the Vipeholm experiments done in the 1940 in Sweden. Back then the dental hygiene were terrible. In this research project they limited the participants candy consumption to 1 day a week and the result was significantly less caries and tooth decay.

It works for us and no cavities yet :-)

Menu week of November 2

When I decide on our weekly menu I usually do some food I know the children will love like the pasta dish and the fish gratin but I also want to introduce them to new dishes like the spaghetti squash lasagna.

Monday Spaghetti squash lasagna

Tuesday Baked pasta with broccoli and ham

Wednesday Butternut squash soup with home made sour dough bread

Thursday A version of Jamie Olivers fantastic fish pie. I don´t use the eggs and I use less cream and cheese but still a very delicious dish. 

Friday Away all day no meals at home

Saturday Honey glazed brussels sprout & beet salad with seared pork tender loin

Sunday Sweet potato and pomegranate salad with pumpkin seeds served with roasted whole chicken


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