My week in food

This weekend was full of great food experiences!

Friday I harvested our first Rhubarb from our one little plant that I actually had thrown away but it planted it self and are now in full bloom (btw does Rhubarb bloom?). I don´t complicate it to much when it comes to Rhubarb, I think a crumble is the best pie option here. I used this recipe for a small pie.

The food weekend continued with a party on Saturday night where the hosts had ordered a whole little roasted piglet that we ate. When I grew up my parents used to serve this when we had big parties (actually called pig parties, direct translated from Swedish) and then the pig was roasted in our yard for a whole day. We all pitched in with some side dishes and dessert. Less work for the hosts and it always turn out so good. If you are a vegetarian I suggest you skip the pictures....

To the pig we had potato salad, cole slaw, green salad, tomato salad and apple sauce. We also had some delicious local cheeses from Valley Shepherd Creamery. We still had some room for dessert and we were served a classic dish from the seventies Baked Alaska. Our children thought that was very weird putting the ice cream in the oven.

Our weekend ended with this seasons first local strawberries and that is such a treat. It is like a whole different berry than the ones that come from Florida or California. Our came from Manoff market gardens in PA and to that we had some fresh cream from Tanner brothers dairy. It was the taste of Summer!


This week is short since we will be away for the long weekend. Ever since we were in Florida my son has asked me to make beer battered shrimps and I want him to be excited about food so I will try and make it this week. Not a very healthy dish but there are room for some deep fried dishes sometimes too.

Monday Chopped salad with mixed greens, avocado, carrot, corn, tomato, pepper, celery, spring onions, roasted seeds and Parmesan. Vinaigrette

Tuesday Spaghetti Bolognese

Wednesday Roasted vegetables, brown rice, tzatziki,

Thursday Whole grain sandwich with grilled chicken strips, avocado, tomato, pesto and green salad

Friday Beer battered shrimps, roasted sweet potatoes, green salad


Happy Long Weekend!