Weekly menu and kids menus

What a weekend! So much snow here in NJ after the storm and a snow day yesterday. I felt like a child again and we had so much fun. We enjoyed the weather and went sledding, building snow forts, just playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate and not to forget shoveling our drive way multiple times. A good work out since the gym was closed the whole weekend. 



Friday night we tried one of the local restaurants in town The Hat Tavern, it was ok no gourmet food but easy, lively and live music. Have you ever thought about kids menus at restaurants? Why on earth do kids only get to choose from the same menu where ever they go. Most of the times they have these options; chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, hamburger, plain pasta, hot dog or grilled cheese. Plain food, similar color, often fried and most likely served with a side of fries and no vegetables. The Hat Tavern had a new fusion dish on their menu, something called a Spaghetti Taco! It was simply a taco shell hidden under spaghetti, did not sound very appetizing. Don´t we want to teach our children to appreciate different flavors and textures. Restaurant is also the perfect place for there everyone can have different dishes unlike at home, so there really is an opportunity to try new things. I personally try to avoid the kids menu and have our children pick something from the normal menu. But sometimes it is hard to avoid since the menu comes without asking and also usually the pre-dinner activities are on the same paper. Also most of the times I think the kitchen is accommodating and can make half a portion, put sauce on the side etc. It might cost some more but bring the left overs home and have a ready meal the day after.

A standard kids menu

A standard kids menu

Weekly menu

Monday Vegetable wok with whole wheat couscous

Tuesday Spaghetti Bolognese this recipe calls for milk which I usually never add but will try tonight

Wednesday Frittata with onion and arugula

Thursday Red lentils soup with bread

Friday Herb cured baked salmon, potatoes, broccoli

Saturday Crispy beef with basmati rice and steamed Bok Choy

Sunday Spiced saffron rice with cardamom and chicken


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