Nutrition Services and Counseling

I with clients one-on-one to create realistic and individualized goals that allow for lasting lifestyle changes. I do in-home consultations or we meet at a designated place that fits you. I will work with you to develop a personalized lifestyle plan consisting of small changes moving you towards your health goals. A healthy diet is all about balance and moderation and eating should be an enjoyable experience.

I offer a variety of nutrition coaching packages ranging from a single general wellness appointment to more intensive, long term packages consisting of an initial assessment with multiple follow ups and ongoing email support. If you don´t know what service is best for you I can create a customized package based on your specific goals and objectives.


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General Wellness

This 60 minute, single session appointment is best if you want guidance on one or two specific areas of concern. For example, how to read nutrition labels, meal planning, clean eating or nutrition for a specific condition. Or you can use a single session to get clarity on a specific area of wellness. It is more education than coaching focused, but you’ll still get plenty of motivation and individualized support.

  • One 60-minute initial coaching session in person.

  • One 15-minute telephone follow up to address any questions or concerns that might have occurred after we met.

  • Appropriate nutrition handouts for example eating out, recipes, snack ideas and meal planning tools.

Individual Coaching Packages

Looking for ongoing support? Nutrition coaching packages are best for anyone looking to transform their wellness and relationship with food. If you’ve been struggling with food or health concerns for some time, it can take multiple sessions to work through barriers and and slowly ease into a new way of living. With ongoing support, we’ll be able to break change down into manageable steps, celebrate success and troubleshoot when you’re struggling. Nutrition coaching starts with a 60 minute initial session, where we’ll dive deep into your eating habits and lifestyle, identify barriers to change, create a big picture plan and set initial goals. With each 45 minute follow up, we’ll check in on your progress, we reassess goals while discussing a variety of topics such as eating out, meal planning, traveling, grocery shopping and much more. Any time in between you can reach me by phone, Skype or email if there are any questions or concerns.

4 session package

  • One 60-minute nutrition assessment and coaching session in person.

  • Three 45-minute follow-up sessions to follow up on goals, address questions or concerns, provide emotional support, troubleshoot and set new goals.

  • Personalized action plan and session recap after each session

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • Food journal reviews as needed

  • Nutrition handouts designed to provide guidance with meal planning/recipes and on your specific nutrition and eating concerns and goals.

Best if:

  • You’re ready to overhaul your lifestyle but need guidance, support and accountability to get started and follow through.

8 session package

  • One 60-minute initial assessment and coaching session in person.

  • Seven 45-minute follow-up sessions to follow up on goals, address questions or concerns, provide emotional support, troubleshoot and set new goals.

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • Personalized action plan and session recaps after each session

  • Food journal reviews as needed

  • Pertinent nutrition handouts, such as snack ideas, meal planning tools and/or grocery shopping guides

Best if:

  • You have struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food, yo-yo dieting or have had a difficult time sustaining changes to your eating habits in the past. Now you are looking to make permanent changes to achieve your happy weight and reach your maximum state of wellness.

other nutrition services


Personal Chef

No time or too tired to cook?

Need more variety on your kitchen table or help preparing your own healthy meals?

A Personal Chef can be your solution. I will plan a customized menu for you, come to your house with all the ingredients and tools I need, and will prepare the meals and do all the clean up (of course). All meals will be prepared exactly the way you want to eat. My background as a dietitian and a chef will assure that you will have both delicious and healthy meals stocked in your fridge.

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Family Wellness

Revitalize your family´s eating patterns and bring healthy habits into your home and fresh foods into your kitchen.

Discover simple tactics to encourage your family to taste and enjoy healthy meals, snacks, fruit and vegetables and less added sugars and processed foods.

I'll teach you how to balance a hectic weekly schedule and fit in time to grocery shop and prepare quick wholesome meals that are more sustainable. 

Cooking Lessons

Invite me into your kitchen to teach you, your family or your babysitter how to make quick delicious meals that everyone will enjoy.

I teach basic food preparation to more advanced meals. Why not turn in into a party! Invite some friends over, decide a menu and Karin will teach you how to make it. Let your play date turn into a fun and informative healthy cooking session.


Personalized Grocery Tour

Do you find yourself wandering through the grocery store wondering what to buy?

Are you unsure of which products would be more healthy for you and your family?

Do you want to eat less processed food but don´t know where to start?

Take a tour with a nutrition expert to learn how to compare products and make healthier choices. I will meet you at your favorite store with all the information you will need to start your journey to better health.


Pantry remake

Wondering what products you should keep and what to replace?

Do you know what to look on a food label?

Invite me to your home to provide a complete evaluation of your kitchen and pantry with recommendations to help you and your family make more healthy food choices.   


Recipe makeover

Transform your favorite recipe to a healthy version with Karin`s help.

Nutrition and Health Speaking

Karin speaks about nutrition, health and wellness from a topic of your choice for example menu planning, fad diets, breakfast-the most important meal of the day, holiday eating or cooking with whole foods.

Contact Karin for appointment fees and scheduling at or call at 347 439 5839

*Please note that I do not accept insurance coverage for nutrition services, so all payments would be out of pocket with cash or check*