Let your children into the kitchen - 10 amazing benefits

Beef Empanadas in the making. Perfect to fill the freezer and take out a few for a quick meal.

Beef Empanadas in the making. Perfect to fill the freezer and take out a few for a quick meal.

I know it is not all the time where you have the time or energy to let your children help you cook. I sometimes see it as “my time” and rather do it on my own. BUT when you have the time it is such a great experience. My kids love it and this past Summer I had them come up with a menu, they had to write down the ingredients and then they did most preparation on their own. I assisted of course. I can promise you that prouder kids have I not seen. The benefits of cooking with your children are amazing and there are actually not a single disadvantage.

  1. Practice their fine motor skills by helping with measuring, stirring, using cookie cutters, cracking egg and pouring, They need the same skills writing, or coloring.

  2. Using everyday math skills. The kids learn different measurements like cups, teaspoon and they will practice addition, subtraction and fractions.

  3. Improving reading skills when they read the recipe and they also learn how to follow directions

  4. Cooking is science. What happen when we mix these ingredients together? Whops we missed one ingredient, what happened?

  5. Increase their vocabulary by learning new words and labelling them.

  6. They learn that they need to stay focused and pay attention otherwise their dish might not turn out as wished.

  7. Teaches life skills and food safety which is probably the most important benefit. As an adult you need to be able to cook. Kids can learn from an early age and get more and difficult tasks as they get older. They day your kids cook you dinner is a day to remember :-)

  8. Promotes healthy eating habits, They learn about different produce and foods and when kids help preparing the foods they are more prone to try it.

  9. Boosts their self confidence by creating a meal that contributes to the whole family.

  10. Encourages family bonding. Cooking together is a great family activity where everyone can help after their own abilities and it is FUN!