The love of good cooking equipment

I ment to write about my Christmas gifts a while ago but I got busy with my work and then unfortunately the blog gets my last attention.


I love my new soup pot from Emile Henry. We eat soup almost once a week and this pot is great because  it is nice to put on the table as well. I never like to put the pots direct on the table and since I don´t want to pull out my husbands great grandmothers old soup terrine this is the perfect solution. I get that not everybody gets excited about a soup pot but I love my new addition in the kitchen. And it adds a little color as well :-)


My other gift will if I take care of it out last me one day. A solid big all cast iron pan from Lodge. I had one before but it has wooden handles which means that I couldn´t put it in the oven. Now with my new pan I can make delicious Tarte Tatin and Spanish tortillas. There is nothing better than a cast iron pan if you want to sear a piece of meat but for making pancakes stick to your non-stick pan. These pans can be pricey but then I got was a great deal about 40 dollars plus it is listed as one of the top pans to get, plus it is made in America.




Cooking is so much more fun if you have good tools and with sharp knives and a few pots and pans you can do a lot.




Karin von ZelowitzComment