Bobolink dairy and bakehouse

This past weekend we spent in lovely Bucks county in Pennsylvania. This area is a paradise for food lovers and there are so many neat places to discover. On the spring like Saturday we went to Milford NJ to visit Bobolink dairy and bakehouse. What a wonderful and idyllic place! We started to take a tour of the farm and we went on the fields to look at their cows. The have an old Irish breed called Kerry cattle. These cows are outside all year around and are 100% grass fed.

After the tour we went inside to take a look at their bakery where they make breads and pastries that are made with heritage and heirloom grains, risen slowly for maximum flavor and nutrition. They have a huge (48 X 72 inches, about 1.2 X 1.8 meters) brick stone oven where they bake all their bread.

They also make their own cheese made with 100 % grass fed raw milk. At the end of the tour we had a tasting session and their Cheddar was to die for, my tongue curled with flavors.

If you ever wonder what to do on a weekend,  bring your family and come here for a nice outing. At the same time you can go to nearby Frenchtown a small idyllic town right on Delaware.

Karin von ZelowitzComment