Menu and back in routines again

It has been a long Summer and a very long break from my blogging but now we are back in action again.

School has started and the packing of lunches as well (sigh!). That is something that I definitely not miss. When it comes to school lunches I think Sweden has a great concept that is really good. All children get a free healthy and varied school lunch. In the lower classes there is one meal offered, a salad bar, hard bread and milk or water. Of course if you have a need for a special diet that is offered. The principal is that everybody eats the same, this way your children gets to try a lot of different dishes that they might not get at home. It reflects the food culture. It also helps that the children sees other children eating something to make them want to try something new.

I went to a great German butcher Barth's market in New Providence, NJ, the other day and was very pleased to see that they had Kassler (Canadian bacon) in big chunks. It is often used in Swedish dishes so I of course had to buy some.

Menu of the week

Monday Roasted Vegetable Bibimbap

Tuesday Canadian bacon (Kassler) with stir fried peppers and leek, brown rice

Wednesday Salad Nicoise

Thursday Kale soup this recipe calls for Almond milk but feel free to substitute for any kind of milk

Friday Crab cakes, green salad, rice and chili Aioli


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