Weekly menu and Lobster fest

The first weekend of June is the annual Lobster fest by my in laws in Pennsylvania. It kicks of the summer and is an event we don´t want to miss. It is organized by one of the local churches as a fund raiser and the money goes to a program for people in need in Philadelphia. It is a great event for both children and adults. There are bounce houses, pony riding, face painting, craft station and more for the kids to do. They keep them selves entertained while the adults are savoring the freshly cooked lobsters, clam chowder and corn, all prepared right there on gas stoves. This year they sold 650 lobsters!!! For the ones who don´t eat lobsters there are hamburgers and hot dogs. There was a live jazz band plus a big gospel choir that played music all evening. If you ever happen to be in this area the first weekend in June don´t miss this fun event.

Weekly menu

Monday Herbed root vegetable (parsnip, carrot, root celery, yellow beet and onion) hash with crumbled Feta cheese and pickled beets

Tuesday Stewed macaroni with mashed cauliflower and chicken sausage

Wednesday Spicy pork fried rice

Thursday Herb crusted cod with boiled potatoes, beet salad

Friday Nut butter chicken over zoodles

Saturday BBQ steak, avocado and tomato salad, green salad

Sunday Warm smoked salmon with creamy potato salad (boiled potatoes, yogurt, some mayonnaise, dill, french mustard and snap peas)