When my children decides the menu this is what you get

I had a lovely Mothers Day weekend and got spoiled by my loved ones. My children are still young and make gifts and write cards in school. My son had to write what he was going to do to his children that he had learned from me and his answer made me very happy! He wrote that he would cook good food and illustrated with broccoli :-)

This week I asked my children and husband to pick what we were going to have for dinner. The kids picked six meals each and my husband one. I told them that we could not have pasta for 7 days or ground meat for every meal otherwise they could pick what they liked. They were quite excited about this and they came up with a pretty good menu. Of course they didn´t pick any vegetarian dish but when I asked them about vegetables they said I could just pick them as side dishes. I guess that works too. So no meatless Monday this week.

Weekly menu

Monday Oven pancake with bacon bits, broccoli salad

Tuesday Turkey tacos

Wednesday Fried rice with shrimps

Thursday Quiche Lorraine (I use smoked ham instead of bacon), green salad

FridayHalldins salmon, Rice, marinated beets

Saturday Home made baked chicken fingers with oven roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes,

Sunday Swedish meatloaf (I use the same recipe as for meatballs just bake it differently), boiled potatoes, carrots, Lingon berries