Healthy kids day and my week in food

This past Saturday I had a table at the "Healthy kids day" at our local YMCA in town. I had made a display about added sugar. It gets very clear when you see how many sugar cubes there are in different products. People get shocked to see the amount of hidden sugar that there children are eating. Also the fact that there are not room for much added sugar in the diet is an eyeopener.

I had also made some home made energy bites to sample (on the plate in middle of the picture). I made them with dried fruit, coconut, oat, spices etc. Here are the recipes on the ones I made. They were super easy to make if you have a food processor and three out of them doesn´t even need to be baked. The coconut date and chocolate ones were the best and a lot of kids liked them. They tasted at bit like Lära bars. That is by the way a bar that I actually like to eat now and then otherwise I am not much for bars.

Saturday was "Walpurgis night" a Swedish tradition were you celebrate the beginning of spring and you have huge bonfires to say good bye to winter. You sing spring songs and the most popular is "Vintern rasat" about the winter disappearing.  We celebrated with my Swedish gang, no bonfire but we had a very nice dinner together. With all the kids and the adults we are 22 people so we try and all help with the food in some way. I brought a guacamole and a spinach/mango salad. It is a very nice way of doing it I think. Less work for the host and it always nice to try the other guests dishes.

Weekly menu

I use Ramps in my pasta dish on Tuesday. Ramp is a mild garlic flavored wild leek that only grows in a short period in the spring. My dish on Wednesday is classic Swedish comfort food. It is basically boiled chicken breast with a curry gravy (use the normal yellow curry mix available in stores) made with the broth and a little milk, serve with rice and carrots. It is a little bit funny that it is a common Swedish dish since curry is not a Swedish spice and rice certainly does not grow in Sweden but even my grandmother who would have been 100 years old last year had this as one the dishes she made. We got it in the school cafeteria and I always liked it.  

Monday Zucchini and feta cheese bake

Tuesday Pasta with ramps and bacon bits

Wednesday Boiled chicken breasts with curry sauce, rice and steamed carrots

Thursday Butternut squash soup

Friday Broiled salmon with scallions, brown rice and broccoli

Saturday Away for the day

Sunday Mothers Day and I hope some one else will cook for me today.