My week in food

On past Friday I spent the whole day at my daughters school. They had a community day and I as a dietitian talked about food and health. I showed them how much fruit and vegetables a kindergartner should eat per day (3 cups/day). I also presented a rainbow of food and told them that it is important to eat food with as many colors as possible since all the colors contains different nutrients that are good for your body. It is such a fun age and the children were very curios and asked a lot of questions. I shared the room with My super foods company, a local healthy cookie company that was started by two moms who didn´t find healthy on-the-go snacks in the stores to give their children. Very inspiring!

Our Saturdays have turned into a full day of activities. My husband I and I start with a class at our local YMCA in the morning and the kids spend the time in the play room (not really how they want to start their day but mom and dad needs their exercise too). The rest of the day my son has games or practices. Another year and then my daughter will start with her weekend games as well. It is great to keep the children active but I love our Sundays, with no booked activities. It is probably just a matter of time before that changes.

We will be traveling next week so I will tell you all about my food experiences when I am back. Before you go away for more than a few days it is always a good to try and eat up what is in your fridge before you leave. Who wants to come back to some soft, wilted vegetables, old milk or even some hairy unrecognizable growing things! I don´t like to waste food so in this weeks menu I will try and use up all our produce we have at home. Did you know that in USA 30-40 % of the food supply is wasted that equals 20 pounds per person per month!!!!!  This is a big and very important topic that I will cover more in one of my monthly newsletters. If you don´t get it but would like to you can sign up here

Weekly menu

Monday Crust free quiche with asparagus, green salad

Tuesday Grilled chicken breast with a clean-the-fridge-salad with pepper, mushrooms, celery, shredded carrots, corn and shredded red cabbage.

Wednesday Salad Nicoise (potluck dinner with my Swedish group)

Thursday Clean-the-fridge-soup (chicken stock with cauliflower, broccoli stems, parsnips and onion that I blend into a smooth creamy soup) 

Friday Beef tacos, I don´t like to use the little seasoning bag that comes with the kits so I just put in some garlic, paprika, chili pepper, cumin, salt and pepper and it tastes just the same.

Vacation, next menu will be on the blog April 17.