Fish as in Florida and weekly menu

I just came back from a wonderful week in sunny Florida. It was so nice to exchange the cold and rain in NJ for sun and salty water.

One of my dreams came true when we took an air boat out in the Everglades. Ever since I was a child and watched Disney´s Bernard and Bianca I wanted to do it and it was great! The boat zoomed over the water lilies and sea grass and we saw Alligators in their natural habitat.




My Omega 3 levels are filled to the top after eating fish or shellfish every single day. It was so good, fresh and light. The whole family loves fish and we really took advantage of all the fish dishes. We had calamaris, conch fritters, shrimp, dolphin, snapper, crab cakes, Mahi Mahi and Langostinos. We also skipped the kids menus for most of the part since there are not many tasty fish dishes on it except occasionally fish & chips. Kids dishes for some reason needs to be breaded or golden brown to fit on the kids menu (chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, fries, fish sticks or mac & cheese).

One night we took a boat to Cap´s Place restaurant close to Fort Lauderdale, it is the oldest restaurant in this area and was built in the 1920. It specializes in seafood and of course that is what we ate.

As a starter I had fresh local hearts of Palm from the Okeechobee reservation. I had never tried it before, it had a mild cabbage like flavor and was very crunchy. Fun to try! As a main course I had Yellow Fin Snapper in a lemony white wine sauce, Caribbean rice and vegetables - delicious! For dessert I had my absolute favorite dessert of all times Key Lime Pie. I just love it.

Weekly menu

Monday Cauliflower fried rice

Tuesday Coleslaw with yogurt, chicken sausages and mashed potatoes

Wednesday Caesar salad no croutons because I simply don´t like them, with grilled chicken strips

Thursday Broccoli soup

Friday Slow roasted Salmon with cherry tomatoes, green asparagus risotto

Saturday Dinner party at friends house

Sunday Indian beef curry with brown rice, roasted zucchini