My week in food

This past weekend I spend alone with my almost 6 year old daughter. The boys in the family were off to a scout camp. We did all things we enjoy. Friday night we went to dinner at Huntley Tavern, one of my favorite restaurants where I live. We got to sit right next to the kitchen and my daughter was so happy to be able to see the action on there. She loves food almost as much as I do (maybe it´s genetic ;-). She had a pulled pork pasta dish which she gave the thumbs up for and required me to make it at home. I ate a delicious pork chop with plum sauce, sweet potato and apple.

On Saturday she had one of her best friends over for a sleep over which was very exciting since this was the first sleep over ever for her. Her friend is allergic to dairy so for dessert I made a super quick, healthy and creamy banana ice cream. Just bananas, cocoa powder and a little bit of maple syrup. Usually I take milk but not in this case and I didn´t have any milk substitutes at home. If you ever are stuck with lots of brown bananas and don´t feel like making banana bread, Cut them in pieces and freeze them great for this ice cream or for smoothies.


We finished of our weekend by watching the local high school musical "Mary Poppins". It was so good and professional. It felt like any other show on Broadway. Now we both are stuck with Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius in our heads.

Weekly menu

The curried veal pasta is a dish I have strong memories to. I used to eat it at a restaurant in St. Moritz in Switzerland were I worked as an au-pair and it is very tasty and only has a few ingredients. I have never seen the actual recipe so I have made up my own version. It is browned veal scallopini, curry and some cream over Penne pasta. Veal is not very common and can be quite expensive so sometimes I substitutes it for pork tenderloin or chicken. This week there was only ground veal in the store so that will have to do it.

Monday I have a pot luck tonight and I am bringing a Shaved Brussels sprout salad with beets, pear and Gorgonzola.

Tuesday Curried ground veal with pasta, steamed broccoli

Wednesday Parmesan baked veggie quinoa

Thursday Potato and leek soup

Friday Salmon burgers with red cabbage slaw, steamed asparagus brown rice (I serve with rice instead of the bun)

Saturday Dinner at the in laws

Sunday Turkey chili