My week in food

Spring is here, we have changed our clocks and Easter is happening this coming weekend. The future is bright in other words and I love it!

Last week I bought these super cool silicone ice pops molds. My children were very excited about them and we tried them out straight away. I blended banana, some milk and cocoa powder, that´s it. I have the traditional ice pops molds as well but with these it just got a bit more fun! They come with a lid so they are portable. My idea was fist to freeze smoothie in them and pack them in the lunch box but a lot of reviews says it tends to become mess.


Ataulfo mangoes

Ataulfo mangoes

Today I bought fresh Ataulfo mangoes at the store today and next I will freeze pureed mango in the molds which I think will be delish. By the way Ataulfo mangoes are in season now and they are really good, sweet and juicy. I think they are better than the ordinary green/red mango and they also ripe better at home. I have bought ordinary mango so many times but just got disappointed when it was time to eat it. I usually buy frozen mango chunks to use in smoothies. 


On March 25 it is the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary day which is a christian celebration. In Sweden it is called "The lady of spring day" (directly translated from Vårfrudagen) and for some reason Swedes eat waffles this day. The story is that with some dialects Vårfrudagen was so poorly pronounced and got to be Våffeldagen (Waffleday). Swedes never miss a day where we can celebrate some kind of food. I happen to love waffles and last week my Swedish group had a waffle-get-together.  We eat freshly baked heart shaped (very important :-) waffles with berries      and whipped cream.


We will be celebrating Easter in Pennsylvania and a food report will come next week. But until then I wish you all a HAPPY EASTER!

Swedish Easter twigs

Swedish Easter twigs

Weekly menu

The food on the weekend is just suggestions and might not be what I will get but if I were at home this is what I would cook.

Monday Red Thai curry with brown rice

Tuesday Poached cod with horseradish, diced hard boiled egg, potatoes and green peas

Wednesday Pasta with spinach

Thursday Chicken noodle soup, I use Orzo noodles in mine

Friday Smoked salmon, pickled herring, hard boiled eggs, roasted asparagus, crisp bread and a good goat cheese

Saturday Roasted leg of lamb with lots of garlic and rosemary, baked Italian vegetables 

Sunday Hopefully leftovers from the Easter feast