My week in food and St.Patricks day

This week is St. Patrick´s day which is kind of a new tradition to me. Before I moved to the US I had no idea about it. I remember my son came home from preschool and talked about leprechaun and I did not understand it at all. But I guess with time you take on the traditions and celebrations that comes with the new country. I by no means go over board with it and dress in green, have shamrocks decorations or heads to a bar. I do like the food (of course). This past weekend we had corned beef brisket with cabbage, carrots, parsnips and potatoes. I like it a lot and it is also nice to have a boiled meat for a change. All the veggies makes it a quite healthy meal. Why do we eat corned beef at St. Patrick´s day you might wonder, I did. Historically Ireland produced a lot of salted meat products, mostly to export. Beef was considered a luxury and far too expensive for the Irish to consume. Instead they ate salted pork products. When the Irish immigrants came to America and was looking for their salted pork meat it was very expensive so they found the cheaper option and that was corned beef brisket. The cabbage that is eaten with it was apparently chosen because it was a cheap vegetable.

Weekly menu

Monday Cauliflower steak, stir fried red cabbage, yogurt with garlic and cooked bulgor

Tuesday Spaghetti Bolognese

Wednesday Almond crusted cod, potatoes, steamed spinach

Thursday Root vegetables soup

Friday Sweet-sour chicken, Basmati rice, green beans

Saturday Bouillabaisse with salmon, shrimp and mussels,  garlic bread

Sunday Pork chops with mushrooms, oven roasted potatoes, steamed broccoli