Last menu of the year

December for a Swedish foodie is like heaven. There are so much good food and drinks that you can savor this month. It starts on the first of Advent with mulled wine (glögg) and ginger bread cookies and then continue through out the month. All Sundays in Advent are a great opportunity to gather with friends and serve glögg, gingerbread cookies and saffron buns. My grandmother also had to have the compulsory Christmas cookies like Finnish sticks, almond cups and Klenor and in that order on the pictures.

My children goes to Swedish school and part from learning Swedish they also learns about our culture and traditions. Last week it was time for the yearly gingerbread cookie making. It is so much fun for the kids! 

And so it continues all through December. In the old days when you made most of your own food there were certain dates to remember like on Dec 9 also called " Annadagen" The day of Anna since that is the name of that day. This day you were supposed to put your dried cod "lutfisk" in water and you tasted your home made beer.

In Sweden we also celebrate Christmas for 3 days or sometimes even four. The festivities starts on Dec 23 "little Christmas" where we have a party with the same people every year and this is probably at least the 40 year we have done that. Keep the traditions going.....On Dec 24 we are just the closest family, and then on the 25 and 26 we celebrate with my parents respective sisters and my cousins.

Do I need to say that I simply love December and Christmas!!


MONDAY Vegetarian chili

TUESDAY Turkey/carrots patties with pasta and tomato sauce

WEDNESDAY Cauliflower fried rice

THURSDAY Chicken meatball noodle soup

FRIDAY Lemony cod, boiled potatoes, sauteed spinach


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