One day late but still grate....Menu of the week

My parents have been here and have left again. We had lots of good meals together and it was so nice to just spend some time with them.

They liked most of my veggie packed meals and were happily surprised that you can eat so good without the gravy.... They had their 49th (!!!!) wedding anniversary while they were here and as a tradition they always eat whole crab. I made crab cakes for a change and for dessert my son and I made creme brulee.

Today it was visitation day at my children's school and in one class it happened to be snack time. I must say that I was quite surprised to see what some kids bring in as a 10 am snack. It was a mix of potato chips, Cheetos, Hershey bar, Doritos, pretzels, Powerade drink and popcorn. It contains a lot of unhealthy fat, salt, sugar and white flour all the things that we are supposed to eat less of and it doesn't contain any nutrients at all. What is wrong with some fruit?

Natures Candy

Natures Candy


Monday Pasta Primavera with carrots, peppers and squash. Skip the heavy cream for a lighter version.

Tuesday Sauteed flounder in spicy Remoulade, boiled broccoli and potatoes

Wednesday Mexican Rice and beans, sauteed spinach

Thursday Small Smorgasbord with boiled eggs, herring in mustard sauce, cold cuts, cheese, bread, crisp bread, peppers and avocado.

Friday Chicken skewers with soy-sesamee-citrus flavours, mixed salad, brown rice mixed with corn and peas

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