Weekly Menu and prepping


Over the weekend I did some prepping for the kids upcoming weeks in school. For lunch they bring a sandwich for a few days and then alternate with left overs in a thermos. When I have time I like to bake buns for them to bring and yesterday I made some similar to this recipe but I added some flax seeds as well to increase the fiber content. I also made some apple zucchini whole wheat muffins for them to bring in as a dessert in school. These chocolate balls are great to have in the fridge when you feel like eating something sweet.


For the chicken curry I am using a spice blend that a woman, May Fridel that lives in Summit sells in some local shops and on the internet under the name Passion for spices.

When making a soup it is a great idea to use up those wilted veggies lying around in the fridge instead of throwing them out. I will have 2 soupy dishes the days after each other but my son keeps asking for clam chowder and I have never made it so I thought it would be fun to try.

Monday Roasted fall vegetables with Bulgur and garlic yogurt

Tuesday Pasta Carbonara with green peas

Wednesday Chicken curry in a hurry, brown rice and roasted green beans

Thursday Vegetable soup with cauliflower, carrots, leek and celery.  Use this recipe as a base and use whatever veggies you might have lying around.

Friday New England clam chowder

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