This week I am cooking.....

Last week I had my first cooking class with Peasful Kitchen. It was a private class with a young mother and we cooked 4 dishes for her baby and she stocked her freezer with at least 35-40 meals for later use. Who wouldn´t like that!!! I have partnered with Peasful Kitchen and are offering their cooking classes in my area. We cook up delicious, healthy, and inspiring meals for your family–from baby’s first puree to exciting entrees that will bring smiles (and sanity!) to your dinner table.

I have also been cooking at home as usual. Last week I bought a huge bunch of basil and made some Pesto and froze it in an ice cube tray for later use. For my children I made some yummy spinach-mango.banana muffins and healthier Swedish chocolate balls for them to bring to school.

These week I will cook up these dishes so join me if you like it!

Monday Roasted Butternut squash with Brussels sprouts, pecans and cranberries it is just a side dish but I will bring it to a pot luck add some Protein for a complete meal

Tuesday Pasta with mushrooms, garlic and bacon bits

Wednesday Asian inspired salmon, zucchini and green peas, rice

Thursday Fall vegetable soup

Friday Coconut chicken curry with cashews, brown Basmati rice, roasted green beans  



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