Menu and Parents in the house

Yesterday I did my first event for Peasful KItchen. It was the new stroller fitness company in Cranford, NJ, called Strong as a Mother that held an event "Sweat for breast cancer" and the money went to Susan G. Komen in North Jersey. I offered a taste test of home made pea puree and jarred pea puree and there was no doubt about it which on tasted better or looked better for that matter. I also offered a mini spinach-banana-lemon-whole wheat muffins. I like to sneak in vegetables where ever I can.

Great event and great people at Strong as a Mother, too bad I don´t have a stroller anymore otherwise I would definitely come here and exercise.

My parents from Sweden is visiting this week and they are a bit old fashioned when it comes to food. They prefer potatoes 7 days of the week and preferably with some kind of meat or fish and of course GRAVY and maybe some well boiled vegetables or a Iceberg lettuce. This week I will show them that you can eat delicious food with out eating potatoes and gravy. I´ll tell you next week how it went.....This weeks dishes might take a little longer than I normally would do for a weeknight meal but since we have visitors I like to spend some more time.


Monday Roasted vegetable lasagna

Tuesday Brussels Sprouts risotto with salmon

Wednesday Chili con carne (too hot for chili last week but I had all the ingredients so I am making it this week instead)

Thursday Chicken noodle soup, freshly baked bread

Friday Crab cakes, Brown Basmati rice, aioli and a green salad


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