Weekly menu of December 7th

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Here in NJ it was beautiful spring like weather. I even saw some of my Daffodils in the yard sprouting! I wouldn´t mind some snow now as we are approaching Christmas and the holidays.

Every week I stock up on a lot of fruit and place them in the fruit bowl in the kitchen, visible to everyone. The snacks on the other hand I put in the cupboards behind closed doors. It makes it so much easier to grab a piece of fruit instead of something else if it is right in front of you. This time of the year the citrus fruits are delicious. Full of vitamin C which is necessary for the growth of body tissues and it also acts as an antioxidant. It has a lot of fibers which is good for your digestive system. Another note able mineral is Potassium which is used when the nerves and muscles communicate.

This weeks menu

Monday Roasted cauliflower, Frekkeh salad with kale and beets, garlic yogurt sauce

Tuesday Spaghetti with roasted tomato sauce. I use less butter then in the recipe but it still taste very good. 

Wednesday Ginger pork meatballs (the recipe asks for ground chicken but it works perfect with ground pork too) with basmati rice and steamed broccoli rabé

Thursday The children have a Nobel Prize dinner celebration at Swedish school and they have a pot luck dinner so upon request I will make a meatloaf to bring (I use the same recipe as for meatballs just shapes it differently). Not exactly what is served at the real Nobel Prize dinner in Stockholm :-)

Friday Teriyaki baked salmon with rice and Brussels sprouts

Saturday Tacos with beef

Sunday Pork roast stuffed with prunes, roasted carrots, boiled potatoes and apple sauce


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