Weekly menu and farm visit.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. I surely did. We had amazing weather so we spend a lot of time outside. We did do a lot of eating too of course. Last turkey went in my children's lunch box today.

One thing I love being in the Bucks County area is that there are so many creative farmers and foodies. This past Saturday we visited Bobolink in Milford NJ. It is a dairy farm and bakery. They are present on a lot of farmers markets in and around NJ/NY and you can also order online from them. They makes the most delicious bread in their wood fired ovens. I bought a very heavy Medieval Rye bread and some cave ripened Cheddar cheese. They also have farm tours which we have to come back for another day.


After such a weekend with so much food it feels good to have a lighter weekly menu ahead of us. This week I will focus on vegetarian and fish dishes. There was a big sale on avocados this week so I bought a bunch and will have fresh guacamole for the week. I like this recipe, it has tomatoes in it but they are not in season now so I skip them. It is delicious if you happen to have ripe tomatoes available. On Thursday we will have an Advent get together with my Swedish women´s group, SWEA. Everybody brings something to nibble on to the coffee and I have made some Saffrons biscotti.

Monday Vegetable stir fry. I use this basic recipe but use different vegetables depending on what is available, today I will use carrots, yellow zucchini, red bell pepper, brussels sprouts, green beans, ginger and lots of garlic and serve it over couscous.

Tuesday Poached cod with grated horseradish (to make it leaner substitute some of the butter with fish stock), sugar snaps, boiled potatoes.

Wednesday I am away (aka chef in the house) so my family will have ready made spinach ricotta tortellini. I am going to a meeting and we usually bring a dish to share and I will bring my sweet potato rice salad from last week.

Thursday Carrot soup with homemade bread

Friday Spicy garlicky shrimps with rice and sauteed spinach.

Saturday Swedish Christmas party pot luck. I will bring meatballs, creamed kale (Långkål), sweet rice pudding (ris a la malta) with berries and a sticky chocolate cake.

Sunday Oven steamed beets, roasted rosemary potato, grilled chicken breast


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