Fall at the farmers market

veggies farmers market

I love shopping my vegetables at the local farmers market. In Summit NJ, where I live there is a great farmers market Sunday mornings, it is perfect to get all your vegetables for the up coming week. I like to shop around to see what is fresh, in season and looks fantastic. Then when I plan my weekly menu I start with all the delicious vegetables I just got. Usually when I do my weekly shopping I do the menu first and then the shopping list but sometimes it is more fun to do it this way and a bit more of a challenge to use the veggies I just bought.

This week I bought napa cabbage, broccoli, aubergine, kale, beets, butternut squash, red pepper and zucchini.

Here is the menu I created around these vegetables. I have young children so usually I cook some rice, potatoes, pasta or other grains to go with the dishes also.

Monday: Pasta with tomato sauce and roasted aubergine, Parmesan cheese

Tuesday: Marinated beets, zoodles (just quickly stir fried in olive oil) and roasted whole chicken

Wednesday: Stir fried napa cabbage, broccoli salad, apple chicken sausages

Thursday: Butternut squash soup, bread

Friday: Garlicky kale and red pepper with New York strip steak

Saturday: Dinner party I plan to serve slow baked salmon with cherry tomatoes, couscous salad, sauteed spinach. For dessert I will make an apple pie that is light, lemony and simply delish, Hanna´s french apple pie.

Sunday: Hopefully left overs or a clean-the-fridge-dish